Andreas has during the last 7 years worked with pharmaceutical development in smaller companies. Since joining Stayble as the CEO in 2014 Andreas has developed the company from selection of the candidate drug through preclinical development and successful clinical trials. Andreas has an engineering background and a Master’s in economics and Venture Creation from Chalmers University of Technology.



Anders has broad experience in drug discovery and development from AstraZeneca with a wide international network, and experience from start-ups and spin-outs, one of which he co-founded. He has acted internationally as a consultant for both large pharma companies and biotechs. Anders has an extensive experience in managing both preclinical and clinical drug development projects.

MSc- VP Business Development


Mattias has extensive experience of running start-ups. His roles have been focused on clinical development and business development. He has experience from early development to large phase II clinical trials and has been able to secure over 7 M€ in a co-founded biotech start-ups. He is currently very involved in the preparations for clinical phase IIb including pharmaceutica development and the procurement of CRO services.



Thomas has an extensive experience from the life science sector during the last 20 years. He has been CFO at Arexis (merged with Biovitrum), worked actively as business controller in Albireo (AstraZeneca spin-off now listed on Nasdaq main list) and previously CFO at Integrum (Listed on First North (SE)).


PhD - Chairman of the board

Catharina Bäärnhielm

Catharina has a broad experience from a variety of senior positions in the pharmaceutical industry, most recently as VP/Global Project Director, at AstraZeneca. Her experience spans all phases of drug development, from idea to launch. She has extensive knowledge of running collaborations between industry and academia. Current positions include chairman of Cereno Scientific AB (listed at Spotlight), board member of GU Ventures AB and Senior Advisor to Karolinska Institutet.

PhD – Board member


Jane Buus Laursen is Corporate Vice President and head of Novo Nordisk’s Late Stage & Commercial Business Development. Before that, she spent 15 years at AstraZeneca where she completed a large number of deals with biotechs, pharma and academia spanning from early stage to late stage business transactions across all of AstraZeneca’s strategic areas. Her CV includes licensing deals, M&As, commercial partnerships and divestments of late stage clinical and on-market assets, in addition to spin-out of early stage assets.

MD, PhD - Board member and inventor


With over 100 publications in the area of chronic back pain Kjell is considered one of the world’s most renowned researchers within the area. He holds a professorship at Gothenburg University and works actively in the development of STA363, conducting a majority of the project’s in vivo studies and supporting the board in scientific matters.

PhD, MD - Board member

Erik Kinnman

Erik Kinnman has broad leadership experience and expertise from various assignments in the life science sector and many years of experience from leading positions in pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca and Sobi. Erik's expertise and experience encompass clinical development, business strategy, business development and investor relations, and he also has experience from the finance sector. He holds an Executive MBA degree from Stockholm School of Economics and extensive research qualifications from the Karolinska Institute where he received his PhD degree and Associate Professorship. Erik holds an MD degree with specialist expertise in neurology and pain relief. He is also the Managing Director of Abliva AB.

BSc - Board member


Patrik is investment manager at Almi Invest, Sweden’s most active venture capitalist investing. For the last 20 years, Patrik has worked predominantly in start-ups and smaller corporations as a project manager, managing director and chief operating officer. He also has 10 years of experience as a board member.

Scientific Advisors


Björn Strömqvist

Björn Strömqvist, MD, PhD, is Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the Spine Section, Department of Orthopedics, Skåne University Hospital, Sweden. His research interests focus mainly on spinal stability, outcome studies, tumours, fractures and minimally invasive lumbar spine surgery. Björn is author of >250 publications in peer-reviewed journals. He is Preceptor of the Swedish National Register of Spine Surgery, Swespine, and member of the Steering Group. He is also a member of several national and international associations in the field of lumbar back surgery . He has received numerous awards such as the Acromed Award, the Volvo Award and Eurospine Best Paper Award.


Jan-Willem Kallewaard

Jan-Willem Kallewaard, MD, is the head of the Pain Department at Amsterdam Medical Centre and head of the Pain Department at the Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem, The Netherlands. His main interest centers on pain management with special focus on low back pain. Janhas led several clinical trials on discogenic pain evaluating intradiscal Gelstix and neuromodulation and has conducted studies on the effects of intradiscal methylene blue. He has numerous publications related to discogenic low back pain and effects of nerve stimulation on low back pain. He is the former President of the Dutch Society of Anesthesiologists and the current President of the Society's Pain Section.


Jeff F. Doerzbacher

Jeff has a background in biology, chemistry, and statistics with 30+ years of practical experience designing and analysing experiments and clinical trials. He has experience from working for large corporations, contract research organizations, and start-up companies, gaining experience not only in statistical analyses and data management, but also in planning, designing, and carrying out clinical studies. In addition, he has experience with regulatory submissions and interactions with the FDA. He has held positions in industry with responsibilities for biostatistics, data management, clinical affairs and regulatory affairs and quality control.

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