CEO since 2015

Andreas Gerward, MSc, born 1988

Andreas has during the last 8 years worked with pharmaceutical development in smaller companies. Since joining Stayble as the CEO in 2014 Andreas has developed the company from selection of the candidate drug through preclinical development and successful clinical trials. Andreas has an engineering background and a master’s in Entrepreneurship and Business Design from Chalmers University of Technology.

Holding in the Company: 400 000 shares

Chief Scientific Officer since 2015

Anders Lehmann, PhD, born 1957

Anders has broad experience in drug development from AstraZeneca with an international network, and experience from start-ups and spin-outs. Anders is an excellent project manager for preclinical and clinical development projects. Anders holds a PhD in Neurobiology and has a background in Drug Discovery research.

Holding in the Company: 90 000 shares

Chief Operating Officer since 2017

Mattias Münnich, MSc, born 1979

Mattias has extensive experience of running start-ups. His roles have been focused on clinical development and business development. He has experience from early development to large phase II clinical trials and has been able to secure over 7 M€ in a co-founded biotech start-ups. He is currently very involved in the preparations for clinical phase IIb including manufacturing and the procurement of CRO services. Mattias has an degree in Business Administration and Economics and a master’s in Entrepreneurship and Business Design from Chalmers University of Technology.

Holding in the Company: 190 000 shares

Chief Medical officer since 2023

Jarkko Kalliomäki, MD, PhD, born 1959

Jarkko Kalliomäki is a specialist physician in rehabilitation and pain management and a medical doctor in physiology. He has over ten years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in a number of pain-related projects and works as a senior physician in rehabilitation medicine and pain management at, among others, Lunds Universitetssjukhus Sophiahemmet and Capio S:t Göran’s hospital, Stockholm.

Holding in the Company: 0 shares

VP CMC & Regulatory Affairs since 2021

Sara Richardson, PhD, born 1971

Sara Richardson has a long and broad background in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, with 13 years of experience from clinical drug product development at AstraZeneca, where she has held various science and leader roles in projects spanning from candidate nomination to Ph3 clinical studies. Sara holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Lund University.

Holding in the Company: 43 080 shares

CFO since 2018

Thomas Pålsson, MSc, born 1952

Thomas Pålsson has 20 years’ experience of biotech. Previous experience including Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Arexis AB, later merged with Biovitrum, Business Controller Albireo Group, a spin-out from AstraZeneca 2008 and since 2016 listed on Nasdaq New York. Thomas has a MBA from School of Economics and Business, Gothenburg University.

Holding in the Company: 56 700 shares